8th and 12th graders received massage during their classes. Students were taught massage techniques and benefits. They also evaluated their peers' physical and academic performance as a result of the massages.

International: Vietnam 2012 and Philippines 2016

Ke Kula `O Nawahiokalani`opu`u

`Imiloa Astronomy Center Intercession

"A power within one can impact others."

Waimea Centering Program: Infant Massage Workshop

Pediatric and Adult

Specialized Massage Therapy

3rd grade students learned about the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems. This was taught in a lesson on capillary action, the movement of water, through the art of massage.

Community Outreach

North Hawai`i Community Hospital:

Expectant mothers and fathers participated in a centering program to prepare for parenthood.  Infant massage workshops were incorporated to increase the family bond and wellness.  -Funded by Office of Hawaiian Affairs