International: Vietnam 2012 and Philippines 2016

Ke Kula `O Nawahiokalani`opu`u

Waimea Centering Program: Infant Massage Workshop


3rd grade students learned about the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems. This was taught in a lesson on capillary action, the movement of water, through the art of massage.

8th and 12th graders received massage during their classes. Students were taught massage techniques and benefits. They also evaluated their peers' physical and academic performance as a result of the massages.

Pediatric and Adult

Specialized Massage Therapy

North Hawai`i Community Hospital:

Expectant mothers and fathers participated in a centering program to prepare for parenthood.  Infant massage workshops were incorporated to increase the family bond and wellness.  -Funded by Office of Hawaiian Affairs

`Imiloa Astronomy Center Intercession


Community Outreach

"A power within one can impact others."